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Monday, January 03, 2005

Hard Boiled

Today both my mother and my sister laughed heartily at my expense. The reason? I called them to receive instructions on how to hard boil eggs.


Prior to this evening, I had never, ever boiled an egg. Eggs are one of my few culinary albatrosses. I can't make an omelette. I've never fried an egg in my life. I use eggbeaters as an egg wash (one of my other albatrosses, baking, is probably related to my fear of eggs). But this evening I was overcome with a craving for a chef salad, so I gathered all the materials necessary and set forward.

My variation on a chef salad:

3 slices sundried tomato pesto turkey
3 slices honey ham
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 bag of field greens
Feta cheese
Ranch Dressing
Croutons, your choice.

If you really want instruction on how to combine these ingredients into a chef salad, well, I guess you can email me. But if you really need those instructions, I wouldn't trust you with a whisk.

The salad was great. Huge, filling, and satisfying. And the eggs? My mother's method of boiling eggs differed from the instructions offered in the Joy of Cooking, and being the eternal doubting Thomas I went for the Joy. It was remarkably easy and the eggs came out perfectly--without that greenishness Mom's sometimes has, or the tough rubber yolk. The trick was, I believe, the immediate discarding of the simmering water and replacing it with cold water to stop the cooking process. Mom's method is faster, but, well, I liked mine better.

I washed down the dinner with Pom, which I've been curious about. The verdict? This stuff is great, like cranberry juice on steroids. A little skeptical about the supposed health benefits, but this stuff is hella tasty. Official policy is that I support Pom, and when possible I fully support funding for a lower cost generic alternative. Does anyone know where I can get one of these? That looks delicious.

Okay, the first part of "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" is on. This is probably the pinnacle of Sorkin, with "Two Cathedrals" coming in a close second. Hooray West Wing for making Mondays tolerable. Boo to Bravo for having awful repetitive commercials.