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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good Sounds

Boomselection offers the latest installment of "As Heard on Radio Soundhog," "33 Problems." Soundhog's mixes have always been excellent, but this one is noteworthy. First, it is a good 10-20 BPM slower than many of the mashup mixes out there, hovering around 140. That is actually fairly cool--it manages to make you want to dance, but doesn't overwhelm with pure beats. But by far, the highlight of the mix for me was around minute 13, a combination that is, well, music gold. No telling what it is--you just have to download it. If you need more convincing on why you need to download this mix, allow me to present a list of the artists represented in the mix (via Boomselection, emphasis mine):

808 state / a house / alter ego / aphex twin / bad company / bill withers / blackstrobe / cabaret voltaire / chantal / chemical brothers / colosseum / daft punk / david holmes / demis roussos / depeche mode / destiny's child / dynamix ii / michael viner's incredible bongo band / indeep / jay-z / joe budden / julien delfaud, alex gopher & etienne de crécy / lcd soundsystem / led zeppelin / lemon jelly / liquid liquid / lopazz / mario savio / michael jackson / queen / renegade soundwave / scorpions / sheer taft / slade / spike milligan / sugarhill gang / soulwax / terranova feat. ari up / the blackbyrds / the commodores / the crusaders / the faces / the prodigy / together / venetian snares / vitalic / visage / whitney houston

That is some auditory goodness, I tell you what.

In other mashup news (apparently the preferred nomenclature now), DCist reader and local mashup guy Solcofn is apparently trying to start a mash night in DC. Unfortunately, there was a fire at my preferred venue for such a party. They won't be open again until the spring. But if a good bastard pop party does start in DC, I'll probably be there. Especially if I get on the guest list.