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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Few Questions

1. Your dry cleaner handles your best clothes, has your phone number, knows your name, and takes your money. Once you start going to one, it is difficult to stop. You go to them when you need to and are upset when you can't get to them. Yet you rarely know their name(s) and/or (inexclusive or) are sent into a bit of a freefall when forced to change them.

A. True or False?

a1. If true, is the drycleaner really that much more than a high priced, regular escort sans the sex?

a2. If false, how long have you had the same relationship with said dry cleaner?

2. The "hip" food cycle has always been about discovering innovative uses for old ingredients, not about finding new ingredients. For example: both cabbage and cauliflower have enjoyed recent renaissances. Previous examples include sun dried tomatoes, pesto sauce, and olives. Currently it looks like the butternut squash and the celery root are looking quite popular. After we run out of old ingredients, where do we turn? (my vote: insects)