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Monday, December 13, 2004

The Year in Kanishka, Short Version

Friends might know that I absolutely positively despise this time of year. The hate has grown year after year to my current level of painfully astringent, paint-removing, baby-crying, puppy-kicking, blood-boiling, Jagermeister-and-Tequila-shot-taking ire. The main thing I hate isn't necessary Yule, either. Like my feelings on Tet, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any of those other silly holidays, I'm totally okay with the God stuff. No, instead, its the relentless drumbeat of introspection that gets me totally annoyed.

But this year I choose to look the beast in the eye. Gonna get all sorts of introspective in this piece. Long version to come soon, but here's the 2004 year in review, abridged.

January: India. A great time is had by all. Yaks are ridden, street food is eaten, family is seen. Nice.
February: Start dating for real. Begin the stream of weirdos, oddballs, and general problem cases that make up a good six months of my love life. Having a ball!
March: Steve moves out of the Capitol Hill house, Rob and Tracy the Psycho Hose Beast move in. Whatever, life ain't hard. I'm going out. A lot.
April: I go out. More. The revolving door of random relationships continues unabated.
May: What the heck? I decide I need to go out even more. I'm at Kingpin like every weekend, formalize my residency at Tunni's, turn 25. Tracy shows her true colors and moves out.
June: I hook up with random girls alot. This is, paradoxically, bad for the old self esteem.
July: Bengali conference is attended. A good time is had by all, and I enter into a whirlwind fling with girl I met there.
August: Fling with Baltimore girl ends in a blaze of glory. Going out reaches all time high.
September: Labor Day weekend is a serious mixed bag. Beginnings of relationship with Audrey. I calm down, going out decreases.
October: Things slow down after the bender of a summer. Things with Audrey go well, I start writing for DCist.
November: Not much to report--more of the same. I start this blog for no good reason whatsoever. Also, disillusionment sets in and the search for a change begins.
December: In a surprise move, I get hired as head of the DNC.

I'll do a better year round up later, as well as list some predictions for '05. Right now I gotta do some busy work while mentally cataloging the total losses from the clearing of my hard drive.