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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wednesdays are Nice. Thursdays are Better.

1. That was one of the more confusing West Wings I've seen in recent memory. The odd mix of humor and gloom-and-doom just didn't sit right. Like eating sushi with strawberry jam. The "impact winter" thing? Lame. Curtis the ox-like presidential attendant? Lame. Kristen Chenowith? WAY lame. I want to take her pixie voice and emaciated looking face and toss them back on the just-off-Broadway pile where they belong. One small point though: I can totally empathize with Jed and his insistence he brush his own teeth, his insanoid beating on his thighs, his anger at his body's inability to function. Seriously. Those who were there remember the couple of times my back went out on me--unable to move, unable to stand, unable to sit... basically, arrogant/super confident men get pissed off when their bodies start disagreeing with them. Really pissed off.

My thoughts on what's gonna happen next? Donna, Mandy, and Amy form a cabal of "Women Ready and Willing for Josh." Jimmy Smits agrees to run for president, but only with Dennis Franz as his running mate. And the brain of Josiah Bartlet is transplanted into an android body a la Krang from TMNT.

2. Upon watching the first half of the pilot for Lost, I realize that the show has changed a bit since the original vision (I started the show with the first hour long ep.). Kate's rubbing of her wrists on her first appearance were interesting; Locke's joy in the rain was a nice touch in the later episodes; Charlie locking himself in the cockpit bathroom to take dope was great. But after watching the later episodes, I think it's pretty clear that the beast on the island is probably some sort Mechazilla. Or a giant backhoe gone mad. A few questions: what happened to Shannon's white skirt? What happened to the guy who got his leg cut off? How sick was it when that dude got sucked into the engine?

3. You are all welcome to the Second Occasional DCist Happy Hour at the Big Hunt, this evening at 6 PM. In attendance will be former Prince Regent of Dalmatia Rob Goodspeed, acclaimed pan flautist Mike Grass, Fields medal recipient Catherine Andrews, metaphysical tourguide Rebecca Walters, Motley Crue tour physician Kyle Gustafson, Eckankar Master Jason Linkins, pioneering xenobiologist Hemal Jhaveri, and a score of other local movers and shakers. It should be, at the very least, a night at a bar.

4. Why on earth does my roommate come in my room and linger when it is obvious I'm doing something else? He walks up the stairs and I hear him and say "what's up"--and he proceeds to tell me all the inane details of his evening. He's a ballet dancer--which is cool, really!--but he assumes I know all about the people who are movers and shakers in his industry. "Blah blah blah went to the so-and-so school, and of course he studied with whats-his-face," and so on and so forth. I know nothing about dance. That move with the funny French name you pulled off? Sounds like a pastry to me. Yeesh. I don't regale him with stories about Sonny Mehta, Peter Olson, the Holtzbrinck Group, ROI's, etc etc... why does he think I care about pirouettes or whatever when I'm in the middle of writing an email? I repeat: Yeesh.

5. Finished off a little more Christmas shopping last night. The stores were surprisingly empty, which was nice. Best Buy especially. Thank Gods the store was sold out of PS2's; I'd of bought one without even batting an eyelid. But I'm not willing to go online and buy one. Weird.

6. To those who are in the office: there will be a big office announcement either late this week or early next. It's a positive announcement and involves an unexpected move--no one leaving, but things re-arranging. Probably won't be of interest to many of my co-workers, but I find it neat. Not at liberty to say any more, but you'll know it when it happens.

7. I'm missing the Chrismukkah episode of The O.C. tonight. I'm a little upset. Maybe I can convince someone at the bar to put it on the TV. We'll be in the basement, so that is a distinct possibility.