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Monday, December 13, 2004

This Weekend, told in Reverse

• This morning I woke up, turned on my computer, and went to take a shower. When I returned I noticed that the screen looked odd. Upon closer examination, I realized that my hard drive had failed. So instead of coming in to work nice and early, I reformatted my hard drive and came to work kind of late. Oh well. No big losses except for some rare mp3s I can probably get elsewhere and a Civ3 game I've been working on. I was about to whomp the Iroquois too. Damn.

• Last night I ate the last of my stuffing, stripped the rest of the meat of the bird, and watched television. The Simpsons was okay, The Wire was outstanding, and then I watched The Two Towers for a bit.

• Yesterday afternoon was spent doing the usual at the usual. I did purchase some stew beef, which I plan on using to make a variation of Shepherd's Pie I've been thinking of.

• Saturday night I went to Adams Morgan. Started off solo at The Reef. Many interesting memories of that place. Went there right when it opened, I believe it was either Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend 2002, for an afternoon drink with Nick. Spent most of Memorial Day 2003 on the roof getting trashed with Steve, marking the beginning of my fateful "Bad Summer of '03". Went there in the fall of '03 numerous times, and then just kind of stopped. Anyway, I like the place, it's nice. (All that for "it's nice"? Yeah, I know, ripoff.) Post Reef, I headed over to Chief Ike's. I hadn't been there in years. The place hasn't changed. Why don't I go there more often? It's like Kingpin, but bigger. Met up with Ananth and tried to take a shortcut to the Woodley Park metro station, and somehow ended up in Cleveland Park. Yeah, that was a long walk. Ended up at the Sake Club, where we met up with Klancer. I had a plate of spicy tuna rolls and some good sake. A review later. Got home very, very late.

• Saturday afternoon/evening I sat around, swept the first floor of the house, watched Rat Race (which was basically an updated It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World), lounged some more, watched cartoons, and conquered the Chinese.

• Saturday morning I went to the dry cleaners to pick up a shirt and a pair of pants that had been there since, oh, August. Walked in to the horrific realization that the ownership had changed and they had no record of my clothes. This was a collosal problem, because the pants were half of the black pinstriped suit that I had custom made for me when I was in Calcutta. Losing those pants would be a tragedy on the scale of the Hindenberg. The nice woman at the cleaners (who I could barely understand) pointed me towards several racks of leftover clothes that I was free to search. At this point I was sweating and pretty darn upset. But I searched and Oh Thank the Dear Lords there was my polyester K-mart shirt from 1977, right above my black pinstriped flat front slacks by Sheikh Sallar and Son, Calcutta. The relief was tremendous.

And that was my weekend, backwards.