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Thursday, December 30, 2004

This was Going to be a Not So Serious Post

I was going to mention how much I like the Pretty Toney Album, A Grand Don't Come for Free, and more on Jonathan Strange. Christmas gave me one book and two albums I'd put on my favorites of '04.

But it all seems kind of small compared to this.

120,000. That's more than any hurricane to hit the US, almost as many as Hiroshima, almost as many as the Bangladeshi flood in 1970. On googling natural disaster information, this page offers the most succinct and sobering data.

Where is our President? The rhetoric goes that he wanted to avoid the "I feel your pain" attitude that Clinton showed. Okay, maybe that makes sense. So he spent the 26th clearing brush and biking on his ranch. What? Sure you don't want to seem vapidly sympathetic, but couldn't you at least lie and say you were "getting a primer on the area's geography," "consulting your advisors on the best way to send aid," or "learning how to pronounce those big silly names"?

Here's the scenario: a horrific natural disaster strikes a heavily Muslim region. This region has been in turmoil before, is known to harbor and breed terrorism, and is seen by many national security experts as a rising threat. Do you a) Immediately and publicly move to send aid, creating a positive public image to combat anti-American propaganda or b) Bike around your Texas ranch?