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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Television and Cheating on Cooking

So, there are only four television shows I watch religiously--well, that is until the season premiere of Carnivale in January: Lost, The West Wing, The O.C., and Star Trek (yes, the new sucky one with Scott Bakula. What, wanna fight?). Yes, I do also enjoy "The Wire" but as its on HBO, I can miss an episode and catch up easily. Somehow, the Simpsons has fallen off my list. Weird.

Anyway, tonight was Lost/The West Wing night. West Wing has improved a bit since the last abysmally melodramatic season, though it certainly hasn't gone back to Sorkin-esque levels. But tonight's episode was solid. Not good, not great--solid. They're bringing back the old MS. Now there's talk of a new Charlie (though Charlie is still being Charlie--come on, you upgraded the job, now upgrade the wardrobe!) and Hawkeye is surely going to use his veteran status as a selling point on a campaign for President. He'll face tough opposition from Democrats Al Bundy and Bill Lumbergh. I'll let friend The DCeiver or tomorrow's DCist cover the rest of the ground.

But Lost!! I can not go on enough about this show. Tonight's episode was fantastic. Okay, maybe some liked the development in early episodes, where things were a lot more "fuzzy," but I'm really liking where this show is going. Best line of the night goes to Meriadoc: "If you can take drugs, you can deliver a baby... uh... see, I'm a drug addict... was a drug addict... I'm clean now!" If you don't watch it, well... your loss.

In other, equally as vapid news, I cheated tonight and used Old El Paso taco mix to make tacos. Okay, I added some of my own dried pepper, used freshly shredded cheddar from the market, and used chopped escarole instead of iceberg lettuce. Still, I feel so... dirty. Next few meals will have to be from scratch to make up for stupid store bought taco boxes.