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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

On the Other Hand

Today I stayed home because I was so hungover I couldn't focus. This is what happens when you eat nothing but amuse bouches and drink wine wine wine followed by many beers. Ate last night at Tallula and had a great time. The food was seriously yummy. The corn dog--OH so fabulous. And their brunch menu looks not only awesome, but inexpensive. Prosciutto and quail eggs on biscuits with gravy--for under $10? Wow. Wonder how their Bloody Marys are. Yes, hell hath frozen over. I went to Virginia, and I liked it.

Took the orange line out there--and you know where I pick up the orange line. So on the way home, my path was very predictable. Not that my night was (or maye being unpredictable has become predictable at this point, who knows). Ended up talking to a German guy at the bar who was hiding from his Seventh Day Adventist, tee-totaling, non-smoking, pregnant wife. They got in a fight so he was determined to drink and smoke the night away. Oh, and to tell me all about it.

Do I wear a sign that says "Will have weird conversations with strangers for beer"?