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Friday, December 24, 2004

Nervous Driving

So everyone in my family (I'm pretty sure this goes for my dad) is a nervous driver. We've all had our share of accidents, and I only think two of them have been our fault--one, I think my dad's, and one quite obviously mine (if you haven't heard that story, ask and I'll tell, it's fairly embarassing and amusing).

A few weeks ago my dad hit a deer on an off ramp. The damage wasn't that bad, but still, fairly annoying.

And today (Christmas Eve), Mom and Dad got hit by a guy trying to make an illegal U-turn. I think Dad's hurt, though he's not owning up to it, and Mom is very, very shaken up. The car is drivable, and it was the Buick, not the sofa-on-wheels my dad normally drives. So that's good. It was also pretty clearly not my dad's fault. The guy tried to make a U from the right lane of a two lane road, and my dad t-boned him (he was in the left lane of the road). No airbags, thank goodness.

This could be worse. At least they could move the car. But the timing is pretty awful--4:30 on Christmas Eve, which conveniently enough fell on a friday this year.

Okay, everyone in the house is a little tense. My dad is hella pissed. And his blood sugar was already running pretty high today. Not a good sitch. Guess who's driving both ways to Philly tomorrow?