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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Music, because I Haven't Been Cooking

I'm on a break. Seriously, I'll get back to it. Its not like I lack ingredients.

First, I've been listening to this guy Steve Mannion aka DJ Spec, a British DJ, for a few years. He keeps an mp3blog at Base58. He always puts out good stuff--so I was "chuffed" to see that he's put a 160 minute mix of 2004 songs up. Downloaded it this morning from home. Quick thinking on my part, because it appears as if the mix is gone now. The big bummer here is that I was looking forward to listening to it at work. If it comes back up, I highly recommend you download it. Yes, it is long. But he's pretty talented. No Soundhog, 2ManyDJs, or Osymyso, but very good.

Also, I want to drop something on the comment tip about Pitchfork's Top 50 Singles list. And that is this: I Like It. (Opinions expressed with infinite sagacity, this is what I specialize in) I think a few songs are a little low--eg. The Streets' "Dry Your Eyes Mate," The Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels). And there were a few songs on there that were just BAD: eg. J-Kwon's "Tipsy" (don't they know he copped that beat from Clipse?). Not to mention the songs I think are missing: Destiny's Child, "Lose my Breath" is a great example. But overall, a great list. Granted I haven't heard Annie (gonna go trolling for it now), but a top ten that includes "Naughty Girl," "Take Me Out," "Breathe," "Toxic," and "99 Problems" shows what a good year it was for pop singles. I am glad "Yeah" didn't make the top ten and "Breathe" did.

The album's list? Haven't looked at it yet. But here are my advance predictions (I swear, I didn't look at it!) Franz Ferdinand, The Arcade Fire, Kanye West, and Annie all make the top ten, while my #1 album of the year, Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine is in the top 25, along with Usher's "Confessions". No where on the list will we see The Faint's "Wet from Birth" (Pitchfork shows their snobbiness) or the new U2 album (which is thoroughly mediocre).

Anyone else have opinions on the list(s)? Curious to here them.

UPDATE: Man, I was off. Arcade Fire made #1 (good choice there), but no Urrr-sherr on the list, FF and Kanye were surprisingly low, and even though PFork constantly wank over Annie, she's not in the Top 10. Surprised that the TV on the Radio LP made it, as it really isn't as good as the EP.

My longstanding policy on Pitchfork has been that if an album gets a very high rating, I should check it out. Which means I need to buy the Pretty Toney Album, Erlend Øye, the new Streets album, the Go! Team, and probably the Fiery Furnaces. The sister reads this--hey, now you got a list.

UPDATE II: The base58 mix is back. I'm not linking to it directly. But if you're into glitch, electro, bootlegs, etc etc, go forth and download, my friend.