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Friday, December 10, 2004

Last Weekend vs. This Weekend

Last Friday:

I was lazy all evening, ate Doritos whilst watching [show name deleted for appearances] and then went to Tunni's to flirt with older women, eat chicken strips, and drink beer.

This Friday:

Will go to the gym. Will eat leftover pot pie whilst watching [show name again deleted] and then probably, again, go to Tunnis to drink beer.

Last Saturday Morning:

Woke up far too early for a useless class on how to teach the new SAT's.

This Saturday Morning:

Will sleep.

Last Saturday Afternoon:

Went to Audrey's, ate at the wonderful Addis Ababa, bought some comic books.

This Saturday Afternoon:

Will clean house a little, see a prospective new roommate, and prep for a turkey curry, maybe.

Last Saturday Night:

Came home to a power outage covering the entire block. Had my plans for a flank roast dashed. Went back to Audrey's, cooked the roast in question, drank wine, slept.

This Saturday Night:

Might cook a turkey curry, might not. Might go out, might not. Who knows? Who cares? I would like to party a bit. We shall see.

Last Sunday:

Woke up too early, went home, drove Erin to get a tree, went to Tunni's, came home, cooked a freaking turkey dinner, burned arm to create an awesome wound, ate far too late, went to bed with a headache.

This Sunday:

Planning on going to brunch at Tunni's to see the new brunch menu (this item may be moved to Saturday). Then nothing.

The long and the short of it is this: last weekend I drove more than I like to, did way too much, and exhausted myself. This weekend I will attempt to not move my car, do nothing, and relax. Kick. Ass.

If anyone doesn't have plans on Saturday night and wants to go somewhere different, I'm looking to try some new DC places. Where? I dunno, I'm just bored with the old guard. Was thinking of Chief Ike's, where I haven't been in a while, or DC9, where I haven't been at all. Real friend or meta-friend, it doesn't matter--I love meeting new people.

If I do try the turkey curry, I'll be posting my recipe up here Sunday or Monday. A prior warning: if I do make it, it will be spicy.