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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Jambalaya, Harry Potter, and a trip to Tallula

I was outside having a smoke yesterday night when my neighbor, Andrea, came out. Now, I love those neighbors. They are always friendly and helpful, they have a cute little bugger living over there who despite her occasional 6 AM crying still manages to make me smile, and they're pretty much my idea of a cool married couple. But yesterday took the cake; Andrea quite literally gave me two pounds of homemade jambalaya.

When making jambalaya, I've always just relied on Zatarain's. Despite the fact that I love making things from scratch, the fact is I'm no good--really, no good at all--at cooking rice. But Andrea's jambalaya was lightyears beyond the boxed kind. New Year's thought: make jambalaya for real. The one thing I could say about Andrea's is that it was a little mild for me. I like my jambalaya very, very hot. Anyone have suggestions or recipes? I will probably be making this one of my Sunday Monster Meals in 2005.

The pub date of the new Harry Potter has been announced--July 21. That's cool, 7 months from now. I can wait that long. Heck, I didn't like the fifth one as much as I liked the fourth. I do feel like I need to re-read that monster, which I read in one sitting at my parents house last Christmas.

It's official--I'm going to Tallula to meet with their communications manager and find out what's going on over there. Apparently they have a novel method of wine delivery that allows a much larger selection of wines by the glass. Also, they subscribe to the whole tapas craze which feels, well, about two years behind the times. The menu and wine list do, however, look impressive. I'll be writing something official for DCist and probably something a little more snarky here. The one thing about publicists/marketers that always makes me laugh: sometimes they don't realize when they're talking to one of their own. The woman I've been emailing with is working pretty hard on the sell. Good luck to her. Hey, anyone over at Firefly want to get in touch? Just kidding.

But in all seriousness--restaurant week venues will be announced Thursday. I'm on it. Hoping Firefly and Ceiba are on the list, and maybe even Palena. Wouldn't that be nice?