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Friday, December 03, 2004

In More Pleasant News

I've finally started back up at the gym. With no travel again until February I've got some good time to really work hard. I did the back, shoulders, chest, and biceps this week on a Tues/Thurs schedule.

The whole gym thing still feels new to lazy old me. I went a couple of times when I was in college, but only really started after I developed a "cubicle roll" the first year into my job. Now its an obsession. I recently switched from a Bowie gym to a Gold's closer to my house. Its better--instead of cops and hausfraus, I get mostly young folk and a fair share of hotties. Nothing like eye candy for a bit of motivation.

So yesterday I was working on my chest and decided to kick up the dumbell press to 75 per arm (I recently took a 2 week break and didn't want to push too hard). Then I noticed something odd--there was only 1 75 lb. dumbell. I looked all over the gym for its partner, but the second 75 pounder just wasn't there. This got me thinking--where the hell does a 75 lb. dumbell disappear to? I'm sure no one walked out with it (and why would someone steal a single dumbell anyway?). And it's a pretty hefty piece of metal--could it actually break? I saw multiple 80's, multiple 70's, but no second 75. Did the gym staff make a mistake and buy only one? So, so strange.

The workout routine I've got going is pretty much controlled anarchy. 6 body sections, 3 large and 3 small, paired in groups that rotate every six weeks. I try to do a different order of exercises each time to combat muscle memory. Sometimes I do a reverse pyramid, sometimes normal, sometimes low weight for speed, sometimes escalating low weights for tone. Kind of wish I had a partner, so I could do reverse lifts. Still, the solitude of solo lifting is pretty zen. I've come a pretty long way since Spring 2002 and now everything is pretty much free weights or cables. Goal is to press 250 by May. I don't know if that is really attainable, but everyone needs goals.

After the long layoff, I'm damn sore. That should only last a day or so. I still have nagging problems with both my wrists and my elbows, as they tend to give out before the primary muscles in an exercise do (so, I'll be doing a bicep curl and before my arm gets tired, my wrist gives out. Ouch.) I've tried different ways of fixing this. It's most problematic for my arms, which in turn are the area of least growth and definition.

Jesus, listen to me. I sound like a freaking gym rat. Rest assured, tonight I am going home to cook and watch Star Trek. And I played Alpha Centauri all night after the O.C. So I'm not completely a meathead.