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Friday, December 03, 2004

Here I Thought I Could Get a Good Night's Sleep

... instead I get a phone call at two-frickin' thirty in the morning. Of course, I answer the phone thinking its an emergency (the vision isn't good enough for me to see who was calling easily, and besides, the ringing woke me up already) and its just Suzanne asking me (probably all drunk) to speak Bengali to some stranger. She was yelling, didn't listen to a word I said. At some point she put him on to talk to me. WTF?

Now I haven't had a good night's sleep in... oh... two weeks? And last night I was well on my way. Went to bed at 11:30, no booze, no caffeine, clean room, tired from the gym.

So that phone call Made. Me. Extremely. Angry.

Now I'm pissy and grumpy, and I'm gonna call her out on that. It's pretty goddamn rude, I figure, to call after midnight on a weekday. And 2 AM? 2 AM is right out. Yes yes, I can be chastised for leaving my ringer on, but the cell is my only phone and there could very well be emergencies at some point. So, in my paranoia, I leave my ringer on.

And there are no bagels and donuts yet in the kitchen. That is equally f'ed up.

Good news though: tonight I'll be making the flank steak I described. Full report on final recipe and preparation to follow.