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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Dear Insomnia,

Hey, how you doing? So great of you to stop by last night. It's been a long time--glad we got to catch up! So, have you been seeing a lot of other people, or just taking it easy? Me, I've been trying to relax and recuperate from a tough weekend. Of course that's when you decide to come by--no other time would do, right? Hahah, you're just so darn inconvenient. Oh well, I guess that's just part of your charm.

You know though, I would really appreciate it if you started coming by more on weekends than on weekday nights. Not that I don't love staying up with you til 3 AM, what will the tossing, the rolling around, the general restlessness. But I wanted to be up nice and early to get to work, and you wouldn't leave! So at the very least, some warning would be nice. That way, I could party with you and Tylenol PM. Three's company, after all!

Anyway, I should get going. After you left I had a nice time dreaming that I wrecked my Dad's car. Oh, and you made me a little later than I wanted coming in to work. That's cool though--I got to see a really wicked car fire. A few minutes earlier and I might not have inhaled that benzene. Thanks, Insomnia!