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Friday, December 10, 2004

Comfort Fooding, Comfort Viewing

The turkey pot pie last night was good. I think I needed more than the recommended 2 cups of turkey meat, but otherwise it was rather great as a comfort food on a day of horrible weather.

Lost on Wednesday was fantastic. Charlie... dead... not dead? The sighs of relief filled living rooms everywhere. Jack getting his face kicked? Rock. Star Trek red shirt reference? So expected yet so good. Evangeline Lilly? Okay, not a good actress, but still hot. Locke has gone from maybe-evil to my favorite character very quickly, though all the forum folk on Television Without Pity seem to be lovin' Hurley. Actually, I guess he's pretty bomb too, but I've got a weakness for Sayid (Saaed? I never watch the credits) and Sawyer. The episode ended with a cliffhanger that won't be resolved until--gasp!--Janvier. I hope Claire's okay and Ethan turns out to be an evil robot.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? No? Then watch the freaking show! The first episode replays next Wednesday at 8 on ABC (end commercial).

West Wing, you're okay. Not great, not bad, just so-so. I could have done without Bartlett's stiff-upper-lip wheelchair routine at the end, but I do love Vinnick. He's a Republican, a Senator, and a good guy, believe it or not. That's an interesting political move and I support it full on. So a mixed bag, more or less. Bartlett's chasing of a legacy bothers me a bit, but so be it.

But the OC... oh, the OC. Yesterday's episode: flat-ish, with a great twist. Alex looks better without the 80's bangs, but still looks way too pornstar for me. And she's younger than me. Huh, weird. Oh, she's also not that good looking in real life, it seems. But holy Andy sighting! She's made the jump from Congress to Newport. Good for her. And my girlfriend finally hooks it up with Ryan. You two are cute together, congrats. Couple of negatives--well one, mainly. We all know Mischa Barton eats one, maybe two pieces of celery a day. But will someone tell Rachel Bilson that the Marisa diet does not become her? Those collarbones are looking gross. Oh, and if you're gonna play a Faint song at a dance, why "Desperate Guys"? At least play something dancier off the new album. Sheesh.

Really, folks, I don't watch that much TV.