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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas and Caravans

Before I go into the Christmas rundown, I have a question. As we were driving home from Philly last night, we passed what had to be the strangest caravan I've seen. All four of us traded theories as to what the caravan's purpose was--what they were doing, who they were, etc., but none of us could come to an entirely satisfying conclusion. Allow me to describe:

At the Delaware Turnpike tollbooth, we pulled into a lane next two four consecutive vehicles from Alabama, headed south. The lead vehicle was a tow truck--the small kind, a "wrecker". There were a ton of trashbags and miscellany tied to the hitch including a new-looking pink childrens bicycle. I didn't get a look at the driver.

The second vehicle was a white pickup truck with a canopy. The back was piled with bags of some sort, including what many trashbags and an old navy bag from, I believe, this season. Again, no look at the driver.

The third was a maroon Dodge Caravan, probably a 99. The car was packed with people. The driver was femaleand looked Hispanic, the passengers looked ready for a long ride (blankets, snacks).

The fourth was a large white van. I think the driver of that one looked Hispanic as well. There was little to see except for the fact that this, like the other two "pack" vehicles, was stuffed to the gills with what looked like trashbags and cardboard.

This was all at 10:30 Christmas night, headed south.

First--these cars had to be together. Four cars in a row from Alabama, in PA/DE--too much of a coincidence. But what were they doing headed south on Christmas night? I guess it is a two day drive to Alabama. But what makes the group decide that of all the vehicles to take north with them, they take a tow truck? And I assume that there were at least 15, maybe 12 people in the group. How big was the family up north such that all of them would make the trek up? And if they were so poor that they couldn't afford plane tickets, those bags and whatnot could not possibly be full of presents, could they? Maybe the family up north is richer...

A few other observations: the tow truck was not highway safe. We passed it later on the road, while we didn't pass the other cars in the caravan. I contend then that we must have been near the beginning of their trip, since the truck was at the front of the group at the tollbooth. Also, they couldn't have been that poor--the caravan was clean looking and relatively late model.

Okay, so--anyone have any theories about this odd observation? What the heck could have been going on? Really, its the tow truck that throws me off.

More on Christmas later. Breakfast, Boxing Day at the mall, dinner with the fam, and then off to BWI to get Audrey.