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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Udupi Palace, Slipping

So I went with Audrey to Udupi Palace last night for a quick dinner. There are three possible reasons to explain the relatively mediocre meal I had there:

1. I've been eating many highly spiced and flavorful meals, numbing my tastebuds to more complex and subtle flavors.

2. Udupi Palace is in general, slipping.

3. It was Monday, and they had an off night.

Last time I ate there, the Iddly was nice and sour, the Mulligatawney had a great lemon punch, and the Sambar was near perfect. Not so this time--bland everything, pretty much. I'm thinking that 3 is probably the right answer. Well, at least I hope so. The last time I had a dosa was at Madras Palace and it was pretty damn good--so I don't think my taste buds are to blame. Also, service at Udupi was a step off the norm, leading me to believe once again that it was just an off night. Maybe I'll venture forth and try some other vegetarian Indian places. Of course, with Indique still on my "must visit" list and IndeBleu opening soon, maybe I should hold off. Also, I still haven't been to Belga Cafe. And Lukas still hasn't changed the freakin' menu at Tunnis, though I sampled some amazing beer-battered broccoli Sunday night.

In a totally unrelated observation, Dulles Airport is a bitch to get to.