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Friday, November 26, 2004

Tryptophan: Don't Believe the Hype

Seriously, I bet tryptophan was one of the most searched words on Google the last few days. Not that I'm going to give that substance the pleasure of searching or even linking to it. But seriously--all this "tryptophan makes it sleepy-time" business just doesn't happen to me. Maybe its my body's already immense store of toxins counteracting the foreign substance; maybe I sleep differently than normal people; maybe I just confuse tryptophan drowsy for wine drowsy, though frankly I didn't feel either last night (after many a glass, from a Zin to two different Pinot Noirs and then finishing with an old Beaujoulais Nouveau from the basement)

Thanksgiving was at the Mallik's, which means next year it will be here. The meal was good. Turkey has the wonderful quality of being excellent when treated simply (not that that will stop me when I embark on my two upcoming roasts). The stuffing (my favorite part of the traditional meal) was disappointing, made up for by my mom's twice-baked potatoes, which were better than usual. I still contend that bacon crumbles, bleu cheese, and chives would make that dish all the better. Also on the plate (or two) were a good asparagus-hollandaise dish, a wonderful green beans and carrots casserole, ham with a honey glaze and pineapples, macaroni and cheese (a nod to my sister), cranberry sauce from scratch, and salad. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Dessert was basically cheesecake or pumpkin pie, with one of the cheesecakes made with Splenda for the diet-restricted adults. Overall meal rating: 7 out of 10.

Oh, if you don't know--we have crazy Thanksgiving meals. We start much later than the usual families, at the earliest during halftime of the Cowboys game but usually after its over. Three families feast--the Malliks, the Chakrabortys, and the Gangopadhyays. Sometimes we have special surprise guests. Minimum guest list is 12. Its a huge deal, and a huge meal.

But the tryptophan, it just don't work on me.