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Friday, November 26, 2004

San Antonio, the short version

A short entry about my trip to San Antonio, from a culinary perspective:

1. No matter where you are, convention center refreshment stands ream you on food. $3 for Dasani? Bite me.

2. Tex Mex is good food, but not really receptive to extreme innovation, especially in a city which does not exactly have the highest per-capita income.

3. I had the best crab cakes I've had outside the Bay area, causing me to reconsider my policy of "No Crabcakes Outside of DelMarVa." (Two years ago I had dungeness crabcakes in Anaheim at a very high end restaurant and they were gee-ross). These cakes were served with a dijon mustard sauce and were quite satisfying.

4. Shiner Bock is good beer.

5. I went to one of the highest-rated restaurants in San Antonio (Boudros) as a solo diner. The short of it: great appetizers, fix your wine list, and thank you for the kind service. Too bad your signature main dish was only so-so. This is a long story that I'll post about in the long version.

6. As a restorative beverage after a stressful day, the Bloody Mary ranks highly. You know how there are some drinks that are just drinks (whisky, rum and cokes) and some that just "hit the spot" (an ice cold lager, a great glass of wine) at a certain moment? Well, the Bloody Mary is probably #1 on the hit the spot list. Though I would not order it all the time, there are moments when no other drink will do.

Long version, with restaurant recommendations, forthcoming. Also, I will soon be making my first ever turkey dinner, fo'rilla. I'll be fielding comments and suggestions--and will have a second chance as well, which is awesome. More later.

P.S. This might be the first post anyone actually reads. If so, welcome!