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Thursday, November 25, 2004

On My Mom

My mother thinks highly of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," which on one hand disturbs me but also pleases me because of the inherent liberalism her comments display.

That is a bit of an assumption, I guess. My roommate two summers ago adored the show as well, but she was a ridiculous conservative homophobe. So there you are.

Also, at the recent funeral of a family friend, my mother was the only "kaki" (Bengali for "auntie") who recognized that the younger brother of the deceased sang a song by Pearl Jam ("Black", I assume; sadly I was not able to attend the wedding). My sister astutely observed that its because "you're our mom."

Right now I'm pretty much dying to get into the kitchen and cook. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to. Already I can think of three or four ways to improve the ham dressing. Mom is insistent that I am not to cook for this Thanksgiving. Okay, now all of a sudden I'm allowed to go in the kitchen. Of course, its to wash dishes. One day I will have my comeuppance!

Being home is nice. But there's no beer in sight, which would make it nicer.

Total double quote pairs in this post: 5. Total content about food: approx. 10 %.