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Monday, November 29, 2004

Oh the Pain of Being Back

Back in the office, and decidedly not feeling it. Maybe the tryptophan hangover just took 4 days to hit me? Actually, its more likely that I'm just totally busted. The last two weeks have consisted of: a ridiculously early taxi ride to National Airport; 5 days of extremely stressful conferencing and late nights, with a big ole' airport delay thrown in for good measure; a day of recuperation that wasn't particularly restful; Thanksgiving with the family and all that driving; nights out with Mike (Fri.) and Brian (Sat.); and the complete inability to rise from bed yesterday. Now I'm at work, planning on doing things like timely reports while saddled with a backlog of correspondence that really needs to be tended to.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm completely sick of my job? That might be the grumpiness talking. But on the off-chance that corporate headhunters/anonymous benefactors/other interesting potential employers read this--I'm totally available and open to offers. Call me, okay? We'll do lunch.