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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bar Review: The Saloon

Okay, how have I been doing the U St thing for so long and missed this place? The Saloon is the epitome of what I want in a low-key hangout type bar. Let's start with that beer list. I'll make a bold statement right off the bat: this is probably one of the top beer lists in all of DC. Fritz Hahn's profile covers that well. What he doesn't mention is that in a desert of hipsters, clubbers, frat types, and so on, The Saloon is an oasis for quiet drinks and good conversation. The service was outstanding and the bathrooms were clean and well kept. If you're looking for loud music, or to pick up chicks, or to dance, this isn't the place for you. But I'm going to go back, maybe with a few friends, to kick back and enjoy the complimentary pistachios. This probably isn't a place for every night, but every other night doesn't sound so bad.

The Lowdown

Prices: Moderate. Half Liters of outstanding German lager, $6.50.
Decor: Dark, true bar type. No pretension.
Scene: Who knows? Probably people who like to drink.
Service: Quick and friendly, but not invasive.
Food: Didn't have any, but have heard it is good.
Recommended if: You're going out to catch up with an old friend, or looking for a quiet place to finish or begin your evening.