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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Back to the Original Mission

I state that I'm gonna post recipes, so dammit I am. Except that I'm really gonna post a general query, not recipes I've actually prepared.

First, I'm going to make a flank steak dish inspired by friend Brian. He described a Greek-style dish, with feta and spinach I believe. I'm going to go for a Franco/contintental variation.

1 large flank steak, pounded hella thin
1 big chunk of Gruyere
1 bunch Green Onions

I'm going to wrap the onions and cheese (sliced, of course) in the flank, a la a jelly roll, tie it up like a roast, brown the exterior and then slow cook in red wine, some kosher salt, garlic, and mystery ingredients. The question is: what mystery ingredients? Bay? Maybe some potatoes? I was going to serve it with bread, not tubers, but hmm... Also, I'm thinking of cooking at 250 for an hour--maybe 200? Last time I made a roast, I neglected to bring the sauce to a boil before putting the ole' DO in the oven. Not gonna make that mistake twice.

Second, I'm going to cook a turkey. Yes, I've already put the bird in the fridge to defrost. So I'm set there. I'm going to cook the bird as simply as possible. Maybe some light salting and some simple herbs on the outside, but nothing crazy. No brining either; maybe next time. Anyone have good roasting suggestions for a non-brined gobbler? I'm doing some studying online as well, so I hope I'll be fine.

Big question isn't the bird but the stuffing. I've never made stuffing from scratch. So far I've gathered a sourdough loaf, celery, onions, broth, and thats about it. I've got plenty of spices, and I plan on buying turkey sausage (Jewish roommates, the roast is partially for them). If anyone has advice on stuffing (cooked in the bird) please let me know. I'm completely new at this style of cooking. The flank steak? That kind of stuff is totally easy to conceptualize in comparison to a roasted bird. But I'm looking forward to the opportunity to expand my arsenal.

Next adventure, probably, will be me trying to cook lamb. The butcher's selection looks nice. Or maybe rabbit, though I don't know how ready I am for game. These are thoughts for a future time.

In other, less yummy news, I've made the switch to Firefox. I'm loving it. Also, there's a rumor out there that The Arcade Fire are coming to town. Cheers to Tom of Unrequited Narcissism for the great rumor. I hope it's true--I might have a show to look forward to. Hell of a lot better than Trans Am.